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Asunder was a temporary site-specific public art installation exhibited in Austin, Texas. Asunder’s free iPhone app worked in conjunction with Bluetooth emitters (BLEs) installed throughout a neighborhood in the city. As app users traveled within range of each of the BLEs, they unlocked a portion of the story. The story portion could be text, audio, video, image, or augmented reality. The full story could only be experienced by traveling to all of the BLE locations.

As a platform, Asunder explored new geospatial mediums to deliver interesting, interactive, and immersive content to mobile audiences.

Materials: iPhone app, Bluetooth emitters (BLEs)

Dimensions: none

Exhibitions: SXSW Interactive Festival

Team: Lisa Woods, Sam Patteson, Shaun Dubuque, Heath Pecorino, Amitai Plasse