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video and photos by Kristie Bocanegra


Gathering is an interactive installation that invites participants to use their hands as a canvas for storytelling. Individual contributions combine to form an immersive photographic collage.

A custom iPad application lets individuals take a photo and respond to a prompt by writing or drawing on their photo. Prompts have included: “What have you made by hand?” and “How is your city creative?” A few moments after the participant submits their image, it appears projected onto the geodesic form.

Materials: Custom code, tablet, laptop, aluminum scaffolding, scrim, wood, projectors, trusses.

Exhibitions: Wright Gallery at Texas A&M, SXSW Interactive, Austin Maker Faire, California College of the Arts.

Team: Lisa Woods, Jess Bee, Illia Lavoshnyk, Tim Wiens

“I wish Texas were more…”

The images below are a few of the hundreds of responses to the prompt: “I wish Texas was more…” The prompt was created in collaboration with Texas A&M students.