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Interstate 80 (2023)

Interstate 80 is a video and sound sculpture, incorporating Stacked Langstroth. Invented nearly 200 years ago, the Langstroth bee box was a technological breakthrough  — modular, expandable, offering easy access for the beekeeper. Today, stacked and secured on a semi-truck, Langstroth bee boxes transport the 81 billion bees that are trucked to California in time for almond pollination — a massive, coordinated effort undertaken every year. 

In my installation, stacked Langstroth bee boxes are covered in a breathable black mesh and secured to a shipping palette with thick ratchet straps. A video loop of night driving from the POV of a trucker is projected onto one corner. Inside the boxes, speakers emit the low drone of an 18-wheeler driving at night. The sounds are amplified by the boxes themselves, creating a potentially immersive experience. Periodically, the comforting driving sound is interrupted by the abrupt rumbling of a diesel engine starting up, which grabs our attention anew. Overall, the work is a multi-sensory experience highlighting the important role that bees play in our agricultural system and the greater challenges created by monoculture.


Interstate 80 is part of the in Uncanny Interventions exhibition

Materials: Langstroth bee boxes, ratchet straps, tarp, wood palette, video projection, audio, amplifier and speakers

Dimensions: 4’H x 4’W x 2’D, installation size varies

Exhibitions: Rojo Gallery, San Antonio (2023)