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video and photos by Kristie Bocanegra

Monumental (2019)

Monumental plays with the idea of what a monument is and could be by allowing the audience to add their face to a giant sculpture. The questions this installation raises include: What is the future of monuments in the age of media art? What is monumental and worthy of commemoration in each of us?

The interaction is simple—anyone can place their face in front of one of the two cameras. The facial recognition system locates areas of any nearby face. Live video of eyes and mouths of two participants are combined with dynamic visual elements and projected onto the low-polygon sculpture.

Materials: projection mapping, foamcore, projectors, wood enclosures, lights, webcams, facial recognition software, laptop

Dimensions: 12ft x 12ft footprint

Exhibitions: UNESCO Media Arts Exhibit Austin

Team: Lisa Woods, Jerome Martinez, Barna Kantor