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video by Magic Spoon Productions

Ney Remixed

Ney Remixed was created on commission by the City of Austin for the TEMPO temporary public art program.

The piece explores the idea of ‘remixing’ by using a bust of Elisabet Ney as a point of departure to produce a new work. Remixing permeates all art mediums, refashioning themes, ideas, and objects in new ways. We used state-of-the art technology to copy, alter, and fabricate the original into a new work. The resulting sculpture is an homage to Ney’s enduring legacy.

As a site-specific public work, Ney Remixed was placed at the entrance to the Elisabet Ney museum to engage the public in a discussion about new and old, original and remix, real and derivative, cultural theft and paying tribute.

This work was also used to explore how light-conductive materials (acrylic, fiber optics), durable outdoor materials (concrete, treated wood), and electronics (microcontroller, solar panel) could be used in combination to create temporary digital public art.

Materials: acrylic, wood, concrete, fiber optic filament, LEDs, microcontroller, solar panels

Dimensions: 3.5ft x 3.5 ft x 6ft

Exhibition: TEMPO Public Art Program 2016

Team: Lisa Woods, Rodolfo Magnus