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Redux Series (2023)

The Redux Series (Fruit Detection 1, Fruit Detection 2, and Pollen Detection) consists of wall-hung sculptural pieces depicting fruit trees, a fruit tree branch, and an almond blossom. The images are laser etched onto four layers of clear acrylic and lit from below to produce a soft glow. Etched on the front-most layer, are small squares that match the position of every fruit and stamen of the layers behind it.

For this series, my strategy was to create something that was both formally beautiful and engaged the audience through the lens of precision agriculture, highlighting how reductively the industry views plant life.


The Redux Series is part of the in Uncanny Interventions exhibition

Materials: acrylic, plywood, LEDs, battery

Dimensions: 8″W x 11″H x 4″D

Exhibitions: Rojo Gallery, San Antonio (2023)