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Vibrope Tree Shaker (2023)

Vibrope Tree Shaker is an interactive kinetic sculpture. This piece is an interpretation of existing tree-shaking orchard machines, in which a ready-made reciprocating saw is connected by metal wire to a tree branch surrounded by a fabric canopy. Participants are invited to pull a trigger, shaking the “tree.” Confronted with the noise of the motor and the fierceness of the shaking, most only engage the trigger for a few seconds. The interaction feels aggressive and extractive. And since participants initiate the violent shaking, they tend to feel a sense of culpability.


Vibrope Tree Shaker is part of the in Uncanny Interventions exhibition

Materials: tree branch, metal stand, canvas canopy, reciprocating motor, metal wire, wood enclosure, sandbags

Dimensions: 8’H x 9’W, installation size varies

Exhibitions: Rojo Gallery, San Antonio (2023)