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Lisa B. Woods

Sr. UX designer, digital artist, and community organizer living in Austin, Texas

Lisa B. Woods is a UX designer, digital artist, and community organizer.

As a designer, Lisa brings over 10 years of design experience to create digital solutions that are strategic, well-crafted, and intuitive to interact with.

As an artist, Lisa works with code, interactive experiences, and digital tools. This nebulous “intersection of art and technology” which Lisa inhabits, is home to a small but growing number in Austin.

As an organizer, Lisa’s focus has been to address the challenges in and opportunities at this intersection in Austin—educational, financial, social, and beyond. To fill an educational gap, Lisa co-founded dadageek—a creative coding school that teaches short courses in tech art. Since 2016, dadageek has offered over 50 classes and taught over 600 students.

In 2018, she helped launch Hopscotch—a blockbuster immersive art venue that brings interactive artwork to a broad audience. Hopscotch will be opening a brick-and-mortar location in San Antonio this winter.